Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 1 May 2013

An attitude of BEing easily amused by Life makes it easier to roll with whatever happens [or does NOT happen, as the case NOT only may BE, but often is] and NOT lose my footing.

This is an important consideration, footing. Especially Now that I depend largely upon my feet to take me wherever it is I need [or want] to go.

BEing easily amused is NOT cynical. Nor BEing someone who laughs at everything, taking nothing seriously.

It is simply about seeing Life as the improvisational thing it really is.

There might seem to some to BE a script that is playing itself out, but I don’t see Life in that narrow and fixed a way.

BEing easily amused by Life is an act of courage.

And a way of BEing in the midst of the chaos that Life often seems to BE without feeling rushed or frantic or even the least little bit on edge.

It is like singing or dancing, in a group, on a stage, where even when you have rehearsed and practised and gone through it all a gazillion times, you know that each time is the first time.

BEing easily amused by Life is simple preparation for wonders BEyond imagining.

For learning on the fly and with the greatest JOY and ease.

I love you, Currie


helena said...

yes, yes, yes

as I read I realise these are words I try to live by but had never thought about it this way

Rita said...

I love the phrase--being easily amused by life! Just hearing it made me giggle.
Wonderful post! :)