Friday, May 17, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 17 May 2013

I don’t worry so much about my differences anymore. I’m NOT sure exactly when this shift happened, but I enJOY it pretty much daily Now.

I’ve NOT always grasped this finer point of BEing. NOT by a long shot.

In fact I’ve pretty much always kept my focus on differences and making any similarities disappear.

NOT that I prefer this, just that I’ve done it. Like NOT wanting to seem the same as fill-in-the-name of whomever. Or wanting to NOT remind someone of someone else and preferring to stand out on my own merits.

But recent years have seemed to mellow and change me from that vigilante. I know I AM different and I know I AM similar and I know the line BEtween them is sometimes blurred or simply unseen.

BEing different is also NOT something I use as a badge of honour. I am just BEing Me. I’ve learned to embrace that and at times thoroughly enJOY the odd and curious things that BEing Me allows.

Sometimes, and perhaps this is due to the enormous amount of time spent in my own company, I wonder where I have been all my Life. I wonder why I didn’t DO this or that or the other thing BEfore Now.

Yet my worrying about that is pretty silly, too.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

Finding who you truly are can take a lifetime. :) I love the eyeballs on this pelican!!