Monday, May 27, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 27 May 2013

I never fully appreciated this idea so much as I DO Now. I thought I was “better off” in the extreme and in opposition. I BElieved it was more important to stand apart and BE my own person. [NOT that those are inherently “bad” things or ideas, mind you]

Now I have come to appreciate moderation. 

Middle places. 



Standing together. 

BEing there for someone else.

I have learned that DOing/sharing things together is the cement that holds people together. That cooperating and encouraging and holding my own little bit of LIGHT on where YOU are brings the disparate edges of ME into unison.

Finding my middle place has taken a great many years longer than I think I needed to, yet there it is, that is the stuff of Life. We never know how long we shall BE here nor what is really “too” long, short, slow, or quick.

Sometimes I see this edginess and opposition as my own reaction to the World at large. 

As a statement. 

Yet what I see Here, Now, Today is that it has only served to keep me apart and feeling the chasm BEtween Me & You and Me & The World.

Like so much else, middle places change with Time. 

I suspect I shall change, too.

How about YOU?! 

I love you, Currie


Tracy said...

Finding the middle ground means submitting to others and letting go of our own agenda/rights/entitlements. We could all do more of that :)

Rita said...

My middle place means something a little different, I think. Not that I didn't have love and joy and happiness, but my life was filled with constant upheaval, drama, tragedy, heartbreak, struggle, pain, shifting, moving, fear, endings, beginnings, hurdles, blockades...I used to just pray for a quiet, boring, uneventful life. Please, Lord--just one year--six months--I'd take six months! Who knew that all of those years would lead me here--what I thought was going to be even worse. Turns out, I may be in constant physical pain--but I have had over EIGHT YEARS of my quiet, boring, uneventful life. I do not miss the extremes. I love my "middle". And I still have contentment and joy and happiness and love. The Lord works in mysterious ways. ;)