Thursday, May 16, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 16 May 2013

There is a rhythm [is it just me or is rhythm a strangely concocted word?!] to Life.

I think this is universally understood. It may BE the seasons, our traditions, or even just how our lives have been lived that defines this rhythm, yet there it is.

How is it we each FEEL this?! DO we collectively FEEL this?!

I’m certain there are many correct answers, NOT one right answer. That’s what encourages me to keep seeking and rooting about in my days [daze] for my Life’s rhythm.

I feel Life’s rhythm in my sleeping and waking. How natural they are. How simple it has BEcome for me to fall asleep, even when it is still light out. And how ordinary it is for me to wake at 3 or 4, well rested and eager to BEgin my new day.

Recently I have started to listen to NPR as an experiment in keeping more informed of the goings-on of the World, still without images, and absent the breaking news tone and pulse of repetition. It is an experiment BEcause I realise that staying in my bubble was leaving me feeling more isolated and apart.

I notice a changing tempo and different awareness evolving. 

I am more compassionate. 

My perspective is growing spacious.

And I still feel like myself.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

3 or 4 am is too early for me. But I know people who go to bed early and wake up around then every day. Yes, I think we all have our own rhythms. I just started to have a more regular rhythm for the first time in my life just this past year (due to melatonin) and I really like it! :)