Friday, May 10, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 10 May 2013

For instance…

Waking up exactly when I want without any alarms or other startling-me-out-of-sleep gizmos. Just waking up and getting on with Today?!

Or how about…

Finding a $5 bill right BEside the trash where I’m pitching, ummmmmmm… well?!

Ordinary everyday miracles are the grandest ones. 

They never seem all that ordinary, to me, but when I stop and think even for the tiniest moment, each and every single day I am the beneficiary of some extraordinarily good things.

I’m never certain on those occasions when things seem like all the wheels are falling off the wagon in succession what the miracle is… I just know it IS and that’s enough.

And the rejoicing part?! 

NOT always so much noise and jumping up and down clapping, but quieter, more knowing than pointing, more Gratitude than parading followed by fireworks.

Every single day there are more amazing and generous things happening than my birdbrain can BEgin to grasp. 

Serendipities and coincidences. 

Wonderfully unanticipated generosities that seem picked just for me.

I’m learning, little bit by slow bit, oftentimes two steps forward and about a dozen backward, that Life really is all about the miracles which aren’t really so miraculous but miracles nonetheless. 

The way things happen and especially the way they DO NOT happen utterly astounds and amazes me.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

They're all over--and cause silent invisible little fireworks behind your eyes that make you smile and lift your whole body up an inch. ;)