Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 14 May 2013

There are few things I have done WRONG as LONG as I have BEEN alive as Thinking I Know What Is Best For Someone Else.

And the really sad part of that is that NEVER EVER and NOT ONCE have I used that marvelous 20-20 x-ray visuality on myself…

Seriously, isn’t that The Most Peculious and Ridankulous way of BEing a human?!

I am NOT saying I have always been wrong about these things [even though I have been, 100% of the time] but I AM saying this has been the most wrong way to BE, something I’ve never, until just recently, appreciated. [much less seen]

I have NOT a clue what is best or necessary for MY process. 

And you know, as I wrote that I realised that it is that very thing that makes it all the easier for me to think I know what is best or necessary for another’s process.

It’s NOT that anyone is asking me…

THAT’S the key ingredient, by the way, BEing asked. 

BEcause I ask when I need perspective I know I don’t have. 

And when I ask, oftentimes I get an entirely new perspective.

BUT… I have asked for it. 

Sought it out deliberately. 

I’ve wanted to know.

And I would have to say THAT makes all the difference…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

How true. We cannot change anyone else. Only they can. And we can only change ourselves--and should be more concerned about our own back yards. ;)