Thursday, May 9, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 9 May 2013

This peculious expression is one of the most sensible notions I’ve learned to live by. It’s so easy for me to Time Travel… staring into that rear view mirror or imagining what’s up the way and round the next corner.

When I stay with my feet I’m so much more manageable. And simplified…

For me it is all about maintaining this perspective along with living only in Right Now that keeps the IN out of my sanity.

Where my feet are is where Life is. Sure, I have insights about my Past and I learn, almost daily, to view these with greater compassion, but the Past is BEyond my reach and the Very Last Thing I need to grasp at Right Now.

So such a simple idea as staying where my feet are this moment keeps me from wading into quicksand.

It also helps me to realise that where my feet are is far far clear at the other end of where my head might BE. And I have a busy little brain, all the time learning and searching.

Sometimes staying with my feet creates some really difficult push-pull. I get mired and resistant and pouty. I go negative and gloom settles over me like a thick fog.

That’s when I need simply to lift my feet and…

I love you, Currie


Rita said...

LOL! I have never heard that saying before. Love it!! :)

Anke Martin said...

THank you for reminding me :)))xoxoxox
Smiles, Anke :)