Saturday, May 4, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 4 May 2013

In some respects, Life has eliminated needing signs. 

BEtween GPS and the World travel we can DO without moving from our comfy BEhinds, there just are NOT that many signs we look for, look to, or, well, value.

And, we have done a pretty good job of making fun of those of us who DO look for signs. 

Who put meaning on whether, upon finding a coin on the ground, it is heads up or tails up.

And WHO even bothers, frankly, with picking up pennies?! [I DO, but even just yesterday, finding one tails up and having no one on hand to offer it to, I dropped it into the mailbox with a letter I was mailing…]

When I think of letting signs guide me, one of the first things I consider “signs” is the digital time. 

I’ve long been enamoured of 11:11, yet I get as much a kick out of 12:34 and 4:56. I often “feel something” singularly curious when I see these times.


Sometimes, without even realising it, I sense someone or something trying to get me to shift my attention or focus. 

This happens when I’ve “seen” some sort of “sign” that compels a second look or thought.

Letting the signs guide me [or you] isn’t silly.

It’s actually sort of wise…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

All I've ever heard about finding pennies is that you're supposed to put it in your shoe and you'll have good luck. So I always pick up pennies for good luck. :)