Monday, May 13, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 13 May 2013

I’ve been learning something about directions, and oftener the lack of them. 

Discovering how I BEgin to learn and have come to expect, even gladly anticipate my failures.

I recently got a thing called a Gelli [a gel printing plate is what it is] and took it on its first outing. 

I had watched the YouTube videos, really felt I “understood” the process, and started out with high hopes and grand visions.

Of course, the first few efforts were muddier and NOT at all lovely like the YouTube ones. 

I noticed that part of me given to frustration and telling me what a dope I am. 

She tried stamping her feet and yelling like a mosquito in my ear, but I was undaunted.

I watched the video again, and a few others, and reduced the number of “things” to use with my Gelli. 

My next efforts were a little better, but I called it a day. 

I’ve since used those learning monoprints as fodder for my collaged giraffes.

There aren’t exact How-To instructions for the Gelli, like a LOT of Life, and Art-Making. 

There are only images and interpretations and suggestions.

Essentially: Other People’s Directions.

This is how I see most of Life. 

Learning from others, learning from mistakes, learning from DOing things wrong.

Ultimately, I am learning…

I love you, Currie


Barbara Schwartz said...

Oh yes. And we do learn. I especially like that I'm finally learning to be more patient and kind to myself. And gratitude makes it work.

Tracy said...

People always make assumptions when writing directions. I remember my husband telling me about him and a friend cooking a chicken for the first time. The first instruction was 'wash the chicken'. This led to much hilarity as they worked out exactly what it meant :) It's only when we jump right in and have a go that we learn.
I love those giraffes. They look as if they're dancing in sunshine.

Cynthia Powell said...

Mixed Media is all about exploring the possibilities. Endless use of creativity. No rights, no wrongs, just results. Enjoy the process. Thanks for sharing your words, your wisdom and yourself with us! :-D Cindy

Rita said...

Yes, it's more complicated than it looks! I felt like someone who had watched people ride bicycles for a long time, climbed on--and promptly fell over--ROFL! Just takes practice, I guess. Trial and error, like so many things in life. Your giraffes are so cute. At least you don't end up with skinned knees and elbows learning the gelli plate--LOL! ;)