Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 8 May 2013

I think judgment, when used to discern important and essential things, is fine. 

Use good judgment!! Isn’t that what we were told as younger people and children of a certain age?!

On the other hand, or, 9 other fingers and thumbs, what BEgins innocently enough as “good” judgment oftentimes morphs into deep-rooted opinion and even BElief.

And that, like resentment, serves no one and makes of us our least-best selves.

Some judgments, like whether it is safe to cross the highway, I have to make new each and every time. 

I have to gauge whether I’ll need to stop halfway across or DO I need to BE extra quick.

This, I BElieve, falls into the Use good judgment!! category.

Others, for instance, bringing up a situation to someone too far away to help and far enough away to feel helpless and thus worry, gets a little trickier.

BEcause, you see, if opting NOT to tell there then BEcomes a reason to lie, again and again, simply to protect someone else. [or so I imagine]

There are about a gazillion and 74 judgments that have kept me small and invisible, feeling both neglected and isolated.

Where to BEgin changing these is no easy task. 

And so I BEgin wherever I feel their pinch and poke.

Which is a start…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

People always try to do their best. They just have so many vastly different ideas as to what is the best thing to do or say...or not do and not say. So we all bump and bungle along--doing our best--trying not to cause too much damage along the way. Life is not easy. But it is so worth the bumps and bruises. :)