Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 7 May 2013

It’s growing on me, this idea of how my thinking shapes my BEing. And my DOing.

I’ve seen it in myself often enough Now to know how Truth can sometimes seem a separate thing altogether. Especially I have seen this in the quality of Life I enJOY, despite what once seemed to me to BE a great many disadvantages.

Initially, subscribing to the notion that I am what I think ABOUT,  I tried to think good thinks and wash away the “bad thinks” with things like Gratitude Practise and BEing a lot more “positive on purpose.”

A good starting place…

Yet what I BElieve today is that NOT only DO my thoughts BEcome things, my thoughts about things [and people and places and oh!! even lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!] BEcome the thoughtsandfeelings that dominate and drive the aforementioned quality of Life I enJOY.

Sometimes people ask me about my odd yet consistent capitalisations of BE. I think it has evolved out of my conviction that BEing does indeed drive DOing, Having, and, well, Life its very self.

BEcause I BEgin each day with writing, you could say it is how I realign my BEing, adjust my thinking, and simply remind myself that I am whatever I BE Right Now.

Essentially, I am what I think…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

Yes! I've been learning this more over the years. Out thoughts are so much more powerful than we realize. I need to work on this, too. :)