Sunday, May 26, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 26 May 2013

I’m thinking it’s going to BE hard for some to swallow this idea. Especially BEcause it was [okay, it still is] hard for me. 

Even to grasp. 

Or imagine.

Overwhelm is all the too much that covers up my NOT enoughness. 

It is worry. And it dresses itself up sometimes as my second and third thoughts.

My regrets.

Eliminating it seems an outright impossibility.

After all, I am living Here, Now, in this World.

The one where stimulation comes at me like a firehose. Even a taste is overwhelming, right?!

So here’s what I am thinking: Eliminate Everything Then Add Only What Is Essential.

Of course, In Real Life eliminating everything is NOT really DOable, except that really it is.

In my mind.

I can DO amazing things there. In my mind.

I go for the biggest things first, a little like cleaning in the Wee Cottage.

Somethings have to go outside. Most everything needs to move a little.

Ultimately, I “eliminate” all places for dirt and, well, golly, the ants and spiders…

And I clean.

When I bring things back it’s different.



Possible, y’know?!

I’ve learned to DO this inside myself.

To “blow the stink out” and let the clean air in.

Funny thing is, it works BEcause I BElieve it CAN.

And that’s enough…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

I made a move about 20 years ago where I got rid of everything but basic kitchen supplies, basic clothes, a few mementos, and my writing & art & craft stuff. Only furniture I kept was a new daybed, some plastic lawn chairs, and one small table for the portable TV. It was a scary but freeing thing to kind of start over without most of my turtle shell--the "home" I always carried (hauled) with me. I learned a lot about myself. :)