Sunday, May 12, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 12 May 2013

It seems to me that I almost always have to shift from a mindset of “cutting losses” to “counting blessings.” 

I tend toward seeing what didn’t happen and what could have been worse BEfore I see What is Now Possible.

It’s a fine line that marks the separation of my contrarian and possibilitarian. And oftentimes they are “that close” within me.

Kind of scary…

Lately I have been clearing and letting go of “stuff” that has either accumulated or been created in the space that was me when I moved into the Wee Cottage and the me that lives here Now. This whole thing started about six months BEfore I sold GraceLand; it only seems to gain momentum as Time marches along.

The reasons I have given myself have garnered a bit more of my attention recently. 

I am started to see lots of empty and open space. 

I am starting to feel how lovely Less is…

Indeed, More is just More.

Contrarian?! Possibilitarian?!

I’ve come to a place of great peace and quiet deLIGHT in my pursuit. 

I’m breathing deeper and my shoulders seem to relax voluntarily. 

It’s sweet stuff. 


The realisation of Possibility isn’t yet natural for me. 

I have to point myself toward it. 

I have to WANT TO see it…

And, I DO…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

It's not easy to keep releasing those negatives. But we have to keep working at it and working at it. Every little bit we manage to release is actually a leap forward. :) :)