Saturday, May 11, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 11 May 2013

It shouldn’t BE that hard. 

It should BE a no-brainer. 

Yet the fact remains that I am NOT always so much given to choosing what I really want.

At least out loud.

Still, I am improving. 

I AM able to say NO with more conviction and in the moment, even when I am worrying some about ruffling someone else’s feathers.

I am able to ask for what I want without apology or long-winded explanations.

And I am living my Living Plan BE, which, quite frankly, is, ALL of it, What I REALLY Want on a day by day basis Right Now.

What I really want is simple and remarkably clear. 

It is about Enough. 

It is about Right Now. 

It is about BEing far more than DOing. 

And at its center, it is about giving and letting THINGS go…

I want to live within my means. 

I want to live as if this one day is my very first and very last; I want to leave it all out there, as the sports folk say, on the field.

At the end of my days, Now, I review the day’s wonders, disappointments, and puzzlements.

I accept that I canNOT change it and consider how I might change ME.

I give my Gratitude for all of it.

And I sleep.

I love you, Currie