Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 15 May 2013

Patience has grown on me this past year. 

Since going 4-wheel free. 

I’ve come to find the sweet spot in the Time things take to DO, on foot, by bus, without the quick fast convenience of hopping in the car to GO or DO.

I’ve learned to Make DO. 

I embrace the opportunity to DO Without. 

I gravitate toward the singular enJOYment of Enoughness.

I’ve discovered that much of what I had thought spontaneous or flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants was actually compulsive unconsciousness on steroids.

Patience has shown me how delaying gratification actually expands it. 


BEyond my wildest imagining even.

Sometimes I’m “forced” by my choice of circumstance to recognise who I was BEfore I chose this way of living and BEing. 

Even when that makes me squirm more than a little bit, I am on BEyond grateful for the realisation.

Perhaps the very best of Patience’s gifts to me is the opportunity it provides me to Pause, Think, Consider, and Sleep On BEfore Acting.

It is remarkable how changed a thing looks a day after I was certain I MUST HAVE/DO IT…

Patience comes in handy in so many ways I’d never have imagined. 

Sometimes it works its magic on ME, which is sheer deLIGHT, once I get past, well, it is sheer deLIGHT, I’ll leave it at that…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

It is funny how things changed for me, too, being housebound. What you can do without when you only order groceries once a month...what you used to think you had to do and places you had to go...waiting for buses and reading books...being much more content with what I's all good. And, yes--when you have to wait a lot longer to get this or that, you do appreciate it even more. I find I am even more easily delighted than I was in the first place--LOL! ;)