Thursday, March 7, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 7 March 2013

What does Go First mean to YOU?!

To ME it means BEing someone who steps up in a roomful of unsure. 

To make BEautimous mistakes that lighten things up.

It means that when there is something sticky, Just Let Go. Drop it. 

At least my end of it. 

Making room for the elephant without drawing attention to it.

It means saying YES [or NO] easily. Nothing more required. 

[the “or NO” part BEing the sort of NO that makes space for someone else even when I am DOing or BEing whatever it is; you know, give someone else a chance to shine even brighter.]

It means reaching out, sometimes over and over and over again. 

NOT keeping track [or score] of who did what last. 

It means picking up that telephone even if I get the voicemail and no returned call for 2 months running…

It means opening a door for someone BEhind me or coming out, or simply for someone who needs or wants a turn.

It means giving without claw marks or my knuckles turning white. 

It means if I have and YOU need I give…

It means listening for someone who is afraid, hesitant to speak.

And it means trying something, BE it new or scary or even a little odd. 

Like loving the hard-to-love.

I love you, Currie

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