Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 27 March 2013

The perfect [for me] prompt for this day, Gracie’s 8th Birthday, and this day in my Life, too. Smiling Big is easy for Gracie and BEcause of her wondrous companionship, easier for me than ever BEfore in my whole Life, I think.

I’ve learned so very much from Gracie these past 8 years. How to meet each day with unbridled JOY and see the possibilities in people. She never hesitates with anyone if there is a chance for her to love and bring them a smile.

She teaches me that forgiveness is simply Letting Go and Moving Along. Nowhere near the amount of  brainiac nonsense I usually engage in…

She brings me along and lets me feel a part of even though I tend to stay back in the shadows. She makes Life safer for me; and when it turns out NOT so safe, she is right BEside me [as am I with her] until things get balanced again.

I won’t deny that sometimes I have felt  NOT Enough for her. That I have thought that she should have a person who is “more something” that I am “less something,” but she seems to disagree so I guess I am the lucky duck in this equation.

We seem to BE Enough and Just Right for each other.


I love you, Currie

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