Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 20 March 2013

Dreaming is a skill I think. Really. It seems like it “just happens” but it isn’t the source of itself. 

It requires a bodacious dreamer. 

The more vividly I dare dream, the more great things come of my dreaming…

I used to BE afraid to dream. Especially vividly.

I used to want to keep my dreams manageable and small enough NOT to raise eyebrows or incite wrath or ridicule.

Such a waste of dreaming all that…

Now I give my dreaming a LOT of space to fling itself like waves on the sand, bigger and BIGGER, first this way then that. 

Like waves, dreams recede, yet over time they wear themselves into my heart and mind and onto my Life and BEing.

Sleeping dreams are an entirely different sort. 

I know mine are vivid, yet my awake mind seems to pop them like bubbles or lose them like holding water in my hands. 

They disappear when I think of them and vanish when I try to tell them out loud, even to myself.

Still, dreaming vividly, brilliantly, audaciously, those are such great dreams. 

They lift me a little off the ground and let me soar above and BEyond the everydayness of my Life.

They invite me to BE a bit more grand, bolder, daring myself to shine brightly.

I love you, Currie


Jez said...

Perhaps you once didn't dare to dream a great dream because if we don't set our mind on wonderful dreams then we are not disappointed if they don't come true.

They can come true, but often a bit at a time. Yes, we should dare to dream. When I was young I always dreamed of travelling. Well I managed some odd places and enjoyed them, but now age and health have stopped any travelling years ago I just think how lucky we are to be able to see all these wonderful parts of the world on television and movies, something out forbears could not do.

I'll visit again, regards, Jez

Catharina said...

I would like to follow Currie :) but there isn´n any follow button on this blog. Have you forgotten? Anyway; now you know. Take care!

helena said...

I've added this blog to me reader (already had your other one there), looking forward to a daily dose or thought and energy