Thursday, March 21, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 21 March 2013

Once again I find the timing of my prompt significant. Breathe Easy… what DID/DO I mean by that little phrase?!

Relief?! Gratitude?! [that it wasn’t worse than it was]

For me, I’ll go with the relief that it is only my very sore body, fuzzy-headedness, and a still timid Gracie.

Breathe Easy…

That it wasn’t worse and that I NEVER Let Go of Gracie.

That the lady came out and got her dogs.

That there was a man outside a few houses up who saw the whole thing.

That I was able to get up and walk home, comforting Gracie.

That my brain seems okay and that my soreness is manageable…

I know how it is when you have a dog [or dogs] and they get out BEyond where you can control. I know the lady was really feeling horrible. I know BEcause once upon a time I had a dog who got out and in her over-protective mode knocked the mail carrier down the steps…

But I am still shaken AND stirred.

Still canNOT get the sound of Gracie’s cries to stop replaying.

Still feeling like my brain was left out too long in the sun.

Still finding my breath hard to catch much less breathe with ease…

This is why we Let Go of the Past.

I love you, Currie

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