Saturday, March 16, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 16 March 2013

One of the biggest challenges I have had [and still have] is BEing Quiet and giving another [and others] time and space in which to speak.

With the intention to grow in this area [and my deep HOPE than I can… eventually] I spend a great deal of my time Now in deliberate silence.

No music is Now my norm here in the Wee Cottage. Quiet, with the weather we’ve been having thus without the A/C coming on and off throughout the day, is a most pleasant new discovery.

I hear more trains, but I don’t think there are more of them.

I hear the ceiling fan’s quiet hum. The ticking of the clock. The sounds of Gracie snoozing, dreaming. Little things. Squirrel chatter. Cooing and pecking and bird songs.

I still talk “too much” when I talk, but it is getting better. Easier. More just how I roll to take a breath, a beat, BE comfortable in the spaces without words. Especially MY WORDS.

Change comes slower to some of us than it does to others.

And it canNOT come until there is awareness and acceptance of the need for it.

Even still, awareness and acceptance galore, it has taken me all of my nearly 60 years to learn the peace there is inside my own quiet.

I love you, Currie

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