Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 13 March 2013

Have Faith…

People say this. Like everyone else can grasp exactly what they mean.

But I don’t think we all see these two words exactly the same way. 

In fact, some of us have such a strong disdain for “Faith” [capital F = some sort of organised religious Faith] that we can BE set off if approached by these words.

And surely no one would want THAT response for another person… Right?!

I’m just saying…

So, when I say, Have Faith, I mean trust in something larger than what you know, larger still than what you DON’T KNOW, and so HUGELY LARGE that you really canNOT get your brain around it.

BEcause… that’s the only way I have EVER found to really live without Fear. And Having Faith is the only thing that has ever made my deep well of fears dry up. Bone dry. NOT a drop left to BE dealt with.

Although Faith has had kind of a bad rap over the years, and BEcause Faith is usually at the center of things like war [persecution, oppression, well, you have the idea], some people, people I really love, admire, and cherish having in my Life think having Faith is the BEginning of the End.

So I am quieter with my Faith. Though I’ve plenty of it…

I love you, Currie

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