Thursday, March 28, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 28 March 2013

It has been [mayBE still is, if I am honest to my core] hard for me to acknowledge others’ achievements and performances BIG and small without feeling or thinkingandfeeling whyNOT ME?! [whine, whine]

I am just saying. Somehow I suspect I am NOT alone in this. I think it’s a human beanish sort of pickle. 

Who doesn’t wish they were in the spotlight and revered… sometimes?!

Actually, when I recast it that way, mayBE I don’t seek spotlights and BEing admired so much as my little Ego-Currie imagines…

Anyway, this is really about applause.

BEginning it.

Going first.

BEing audacious enough to step up and bring my hands together in order to say YES!! BRAVO!! Well Done!!

Or simply, WOW!!! That is awesome. I am undone, speechless, and JOYously astonished and deLIGHTed.

I am ALWAYS happy to BEgin that.

To Go First.

To swell the wave that gives others the chance to join in and add to the roar.

I also love it when I see it, in a film, for instance. It’s the thing that gets me, right in the heart…

Such a BEautimous thing to BEhold and BE a part of, applause…

I’m completely rethinking my earlier bit; I really DO LOVE LOVE LOVE to BEgin Applause or join in with deep wholehearted sparklingly bodacious gusto!!!

I love you, Currie 


helena said...

I love 'be first to applaud' as a motto - it applies in so many situations

Anke Martin said...

Actually I never enjoyeg being in the spotlight..and your BRAVENESS stands out! FOR SURE! So you are in the spotlight Currie and you are doing wonderful! My soul enjoys everytime when I stop by here. Thank you for your pure honest sharing.

Smiles, Anke :)