Monday, March 25, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 25 March 2013

Brave means bold, courageous, valiant, even plucky!! So that would make BravER boldER, courageousER, valiantER, and pluckyER. Don’t you think?!

MayBE BEing BraveER is more about quiet courage and the sort of pluck that is standing tall in your own Light.

Perhaps it is even just BEing a little more bold. Bodacious…

And valiant in a way that I might call fearless [or fearing less].

I am BEfuddled by this prompt BEcause I am letting myself focus on what is going on within me Right Now and I don’t get how the me who made this list of suggestions for March knew that the circumstances of Right Now would BE so spot on.

But mayBE that isn’t it at all. MayBE I always try to bring my prompts into the day… MayBE these prompts are good any day and any time?!

Curious to consider…

BEing BravER, for me, today, as Life is Right Now, means stepping back without feeling ashamed or irresponsible. It means changing my intention and going an entirely different way than I’d anticipated.
 won’t pretend I enJOY this [in fact, I am rather disappointed] but I can see that sometimes hard decisions are just right ones that are challenging.

And making them says more about my pluck than I might ever have imagined.


I love you, Currie

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Tracy said...

Sometimes stepping back or saying no to something is the bravest thing you can do. Love the vivid colours in your art.