Sunday, March 24, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 24 March 2013

Isn’t it strange how often we compare ourselves with others and ALWAYS come up short?! [or, as has happened with me more than a few times, I am sorry to say, find ourselves superior]

I think if, at least in my case, I stop comparing that this whole tangle of nonsense will cease to exist.

There is a saying about BEing ourselves BEcause everyone else is already taken that I like to ponder sometimes. The reason BEing that it reminds me NOT to take myself so seriously and NOT to immediately discount my ideas BEcause, really, how original am I?!

So this is where I came to BElieve that I must BE Myself since nobody else ever CAN BE. It’s sometimes quite exciting but almost always daunting. I think if I can keep myself small and tiny enough that I won’t rock any boats or stir any pots that don’t need stirring up.

Other times I think that this realisation gives me the sort of courage I call gumption. It is like an extra kick that lets me go higher than I’ve imagined possible.

Yet most of all, I am humbled to BE Me. To BE Currie. Just when I thought I knew myself, there I go changing.

Expanding and daring myself to reach BEyond my Present grasp…

I love you, Currie

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