Monday, March 18, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 18 March 2013

I am glad I was born to dance when we didn’t have to lead and follow. When we could dance and move and DO what the music inspired/inspires in us.

I am also okay with having learned the lead and follow kind of dancing BEcause if I’d NOT had that in my experience bank, I don’t know that I would appreciate the freedom and exhilaration of dancing a la Currie.

From another perspective, there is the Dance of Life. Up until recently, I have thought I was A] BEing led by someone or something or a combination of the two; and 2] struggling to keep up and resisting stepping in synch.

Today I am looking at the entire landscape of Dance with new eyes and a fresh perspective. I see that while I felt I was BEing led and told what dance to dance, I was also choosing to follow that lead.

And I recognise clearly that I was [and still am] the one I was/am trying to step in synch with.

That’s the kicker. How could I have NOT seen this for so very long?!

Over my recent time of deliberate quiet and contemplation I have discovered there is new music and I am opening up more and more to what it inspires in me.

Let’s dance!

I love you, Currie

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Maron said...

I love that sentiment so much! Isn't it amazing how s few words can say volumes?
xo Maron