Friday, May 9, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 9 May 2014

speak quietly to yourself & promise there will be better days. whisper gently to yourself and provide assurance that you really are extending your best effort. console your bruised and tender spirit with reminders of many other successes. offer comfort in practical and tangible ways - as if you were encouraging your dearest friend. recognize that on certain days the greatest grace is that the day is over and you get to close your eyes. tomorrow comes more brightly...  [Mary Anne Radmacher]

Somedays are harder than others, eh?! You have to keep reminding yourself that you are still upright, walking, talking, breathing, and above ground. YOU have to BE there for yourself.

Nah," I said. "But if it does, just tell him I said to get back on the bike."
"He'll understand.”
[Sarah Dessen]

It can BE almost Too Much sometimes to get back on whatever “bike” we need to get back on. But it is ALWAYS worth it. Always.

I love that there's no cutoff where we get labeled and sent off to a home for hopeless, cranky, depressives. Every day is a new chance to listen longer and be braver and love more. We get to try again and again and again.  [Anna White, Mended: Thoughts on Life, Love, and Leaps of Faith]

Me, too.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

Even though I have only ridden a horse once (violently bouncing) when I was a kid, I have always been drawn to them--so I prefer the saying "get back on the horse". LOL! ;)