Thursday, September 11, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 11 September 2014

Writing, painting, singing- it cannot stop everything. Cannot halt death in its tracks. But perhaps it can make the pause between death’s footsteps sound and look and feel beautiful, can make the space of waiting a place where you can linger without as much fear. For we are all walking each other to our deaths, and the journey there between footsteps makes up our lives.   [Ally Condie, Reached]

It is essential to cherish journeys. I didn’t always nor often enough when I did BEfore Now. This is why I decided to make living with cancer a welcomed addition to the party called my Life. I have one more chemo round to go in a couple weeks, then a Time of waiting to see what, if anything, has “changed.”

And you know, whatever is is going to BE fine with me. I have willingly chosen to try radiation and chemo, just no surgery. I BElieve this has served my Present Journey well. Is serving it well.

I was able to set clear lines in the sand. I was able to explore boundary stuff and choose to accept that the “horrible” [at least to me] isn’t actually The Very Worst Thing in the World.

I have to say, I DO like to BE awake. To BE BEing. To BE Here.

I love you, Currie


Unknown said...

Such a beautiful approach. I am learning from you, as you walk through this. Thank you for sharing!

much love


Carol said...

Your art this week has been bold and moving. I do not find your discussion of death morbid at all. Death is a fact of life we all must face and refusing to talk about it will not make it go away. To accept it as a reality makes it all that much easier to enjoy the time we have remaining. Sending you love and blessings and the strength you need to live this day.