Saturday, November 2, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 2 November 2013

I don't call myself a Buddhist. I'm a free spirit. I believe I'm here on earth to admire and enjoy it; that's my religion. [Alice Walker]

I am neither religious nor particularly devout. Sometimes I have said I am spiritual, but in a way, all these words can BE synonymous. It likely depends on context AND on who is in the conversation.

For a Very Long Time Now I have considered myself a Free Spirit. Someone who is more or less at home with BEing actively engaged and humbled by Life itself.

I enJOY many sorts of worship, but if you were seeing me “at worship” you might think I was just sitting still, or taking a walk, even writing or drawing.

You see, all these ways of BEing are ways that I worship my humanity. My gift of BEing in this World, imperfect and mightily flawed as it surely is.

This past month, since my move to Arizona, I have spent long stretches of Time BEing attuned to a voice I canNOT quite describe. I have sat for long stretches, perhaps DOing something, yet I’ve NOT “done” anything I can point to.

I have been listening.

Hearing something deeper than I ever listened and heard BEfore.

Perhaps I am just BEing.

Perhaps that is more than Enough.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

Learning how to just BE is a kind of religion in itself, I think. :)