Saturday, November 16, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 16 November 2013

You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was. [Abraham Lincoln]

DO you ever think thoughts like this one?! I DO. I think I am supposed to BE or DO or HAVE this, that, or the other simply BEcause someone BEfore me or the people round me have been, done, or had whatever.

But it is NOT the Truth. Really. It is assumed. It is taken very much for granted. It is accepted. BUT it is untrue.

There are so many things I have come to see in a new light or from another perspective. Sometimes I just want to let them tumble and fall and cover the ground so everyone else can benefit. But what is good or beneficial to ME might NOT BE for another… Humbling.

I have a confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own two feet. [Jane Fonda]

I’ve NOT been particularly confident in my Life. It’s hard to say that out loud. I would like people to think I AM a confident and purposeful BEing. I am, however, someone who stands on her own two feet. I like that. It makes me smile. And most days it is more than enough.

We DO live Life on our own. Even when we have companions.

I love you, Currie


denthe said...

Lovey words and beautiful art!

Karla B said...

Gorgeous art!

Maron said...

love the "quilted" effect of your giraffe and the little saying to go with the image. sweet!

Joyce said...

wonderful, colourful and love the words

Rita said...

Everyone needs to plant their own roots in order to stand tall. ;)