Saturday, November 29, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 29 November 2014

Often misconstrued, authenticity is not about being an open book, revealing every detail of yourself without rhyme or reason. It is simply the act of openly and courageously seeing what needs to be seen, saying what needs to be said, doing what needs to be done, and becoming that which you are intent on being.   [Scott Edmund Miller]

Sometimes I think I need to DO something. I must make something or complete something. It’s NOT a good feeling when I feel this. But it’s NOT necessarily “bad” either. It’s curious I suppose.

I find less and less that need in me to hide or have secrets. If I feel resentful, worried, or upset about some situation or person, I’m pretty sure there is some lesson in there. It might require my DOing something, but NOT necessarily.

It could mean I need to Let Go. Stop. BEgin. Try Another Way. If I want to BE real, if I want to live fully and love deeply, I suppose I have to BE Currie, flaws and all. Imperfect. Confused. Messy.

If you find yourself criticizing other people, you're probably doing it out of Resistance. When we see others beginning to live their authentic selves, it drives us crazy if we have not lived out our own.   [Stephen Pressfield]

Hmmmmmmm… makes sense.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

I had to laugh at that last one. Must mean some "authentic selves" are pretty dark--LOL! I tend to judge or criticize the mean, cruel, and insensitive people. I have always admired authentic people...whether I agreed with them or not. At least I hope I have. ;)

But I tend to think the mean and cruel, etc, haven't found their authentic selves--because I think we are all better than we appear. Our souls are layered and covered away. Being authentic, to me, is peeling away the layers to be able to reveal our shining souls to ourselves and others. No matter how dark a person may appear, if you dig deep enough you will find a shining soul. With some you need a spoon and others a bulldozer. ;)