Thursday, November 13, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 13 November 2014

I have always found it odd that people who think passive aggressively ignoring a person is making a point to them. The only point it makes to anyone is your inability to articulate your point of view because deep down you know you can’t win. It’s better to assert yourself and tell the person you are moving on without them and why, rather than leave a lasting impression of cowardness on your part in a person’s mind by avoiding them.    [Shannon L. Alder]

Sometimes when I read something, and there is a deep resonance in me, I will stop long enough [and often longer] to really marinate in the lesson. Oftentimes I won’t really “get it” at the first go, and it takes me several more readings to really BEgin understanding what is happening.

For most of my Life I have taken the avoidance route. I have left things unspoken. I have just walked away, unwilling to articulate the thoughtsandfeelings that are spinning too fast and furiously for me to catch hold of them. To speak them. Out loud.

And, on those occasions when I haven't spoken, I have felt ashamed and weak and small and wrong.

This is NOT the way toward peace. In fact, this is the wrong way to anything remotely like peace.

I promise.

I love you, Currie


NatureFootstep said...

there is more to this situation then is seen here. I know because I had to do this to somebody becasue he did not want to let it be and we worked in the same office.

Your art is beautiful though.

Maron said...

Today I took the time to peruse your web art gallery.
Your work is very beautiful.

Linda Gibbons said...

I love the art, and that expression "marinate in the lesson" Wow!