Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 18 November 2014

Maybe, it is just enough to believe with a positive heart that people didn’t let you down. It could be just this: They couldn’t give you the compassion you really wanted based on where their heart is right now. Maybe, not now, but years later they will catch the memory of you in a quiet moment. There on that Sunday morning, a light will shine through the fog of lies, misunderstanding and frustration they built inside their angry mind about your true character. And, when it does, the shadows will be casted out to reveal a scared and hurt little boy or girl that just wanted to be loved, but went about it all wrong. Maybe, on that day, the whisper of their gratitude for your love will find its way back to your heart. And when that day comes, you will find yourself smiling all day long and not know why.   [Shannon L. Alder]

I hope this is true.

I really REALLY hope it is.

But you know, whether it is or isn’t true, I choose it for myself. Right Now. And I am certain that is Enough.

Another thing, about BElieving with a positive heart, I think that is essential to inner peace.

I’ve tried making DO with a semi-positive heart and it just doesn’t work.

I love you, Currie

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