Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 1 October 2014

We try so hard to hide everything we're really feeling from those who probably need to know our true feelings the most. People try to bottle up their emotions, as if it's somehow wrong to have natural reactions to life.    [Colleen Hoover, Maybe Someday]

I am sorry to say this, but this has pretty much been my motto in Life. I have always, and I mean A L W A Y S felt ashamed of what I feel. I am better at recognising it Now; I am also less focused on dissecting every single little emotional sliver that invades me.

I know I don’t need to BE ashamed, it is more like a reflex. Automatically I want to apologise if I have a feeling that might cause anyone [except myself] a moment’s discomfort.

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.   [George E. Woodberry]

Right this minute, today, I am sitting on the head of a pin BEcause of my FEELINGS and how they’ve been hurt, blah blah blah dee blah dah!! But I am the only one who “knows” this BEcause I don’t want anyone TO KNOW.

But I won’t NOT try again. I won’t give up and shrug it off and DO a poor pitiful ME thing.

Never Again…

I love you, Currie


Unknown said...

Ouch. Praying! Love you

Rita said...

Our range of feelings is natural. It's what we do with them or how we react to them that is important. We need appropriate outlets and a true understanding of where they actually come from. Many times our reactions are automatic and from past events and not even what is happening now. Or they are all wrapped up in our own ego or self-worth. Feelings, complex or simple, make us human. It's when we try to deny or not own our negative feelings that we get in trouble. Wanting to be "good" or perfect...well, nobody is. We all have the whole range from black to white whether we want to admit it or not. I think we're here to learn how to handle the whole experience. ;)