Sunday, October 6, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 6 October 2013

Some days are like that, Mom. [Timmy Duncombe, age 5, 1983]

I'm really enJOYing this wee break from technology... It is awkward, at best, to figure out HOW to make writing my Gratitude anything DO-able, so I just DO what I CAN when I CAN. Today, BEing my Timmy's 35th birthday, I thought I'd make the effort to write and make a bit of Timmy Day art. 

Gracie and I are still camping out in a friend's apartment here in the land of the "Q-tips" [people pretty much over 75] and keeping a low profile. It's nice, really, to break with my usual ways of BEing and DOing for a time. 

Without any internet access in our little apartment, whatever I DO DO is done here at Mum's, and frankly I'd rather enJOY face-time with her than navigate this deLIGHTfull little Chromebook and its peculiarities.

I am grateful for my simpler ways of BEing and the lower maintenance that I require Now. I just let things BE and roll with them. Staying in this one day is the single best thing I practise each and every day. Well, that and Gracie adventures.

I'll pop back as I can and make my way, too, through my Gmail inbox. I am unaccustomed to using Gmail in Gmail, so every day is a new learning curve. 

But DO remember, always and no matter how quiet for how long I am...

I love you, Currie              

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Rita said...

You need time to settle into this huge change. Sounds like it is going well. I may be away from the computer for a while, too--getting sick. Plan to post and tell people today so they don't worry. :) Enjoy your new days!!