Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 23 October 2013

BEing blissful is NOT an easy task. It takes intention and it takes effort. And NOT just once and for always… I’ve done a study of sorts this month. I have learned a LOT about how to BE happy, to find bliss, to stay the course, AND to live Right Now in This Moment.

That is, I BElieve, the key for me to a happy Life. Living Right Now in This Moment. In today. It is so easy to BElieve that it’s “more important” to delay happiness [oh, and NOT gratification, HAVING is something I don’t require to BE happy in my Life Right Now, Today] and to save for a time on BEyond Here or Now.

I have so missed writing and sharing with you all. I have missed reading your sharing. I have missed BEing part of the flow of Gratitude and love and BEautimous Encouragement.


I have been Present. I have been in the World and around people. Sometimes a LOT of people. And sometimes DOing Too Much “outing and abouting” for me. I have moved BEyond my usual ways of eating, I have been driving, a little bit, and sometimes I have gone days without creating a thing, really…

And this is all really surprisingly okay.

It’s still Right Now.

I’m still ME.

I love you, Currie

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