Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 24 October 2013

DO you walk to school or carry your lunch?! I love odd questions and how they force me to think of all that I don’t think about, all that I take for granted…

I am utterly amazed at my level of calm and patience after over three weeks of basically NOT BEing able to write and share. I am astounded that I have spent days, strings of them, off-line and unplugged. And I am still upright, breathing in and out, and making mischief.

I am grateful for what this time has taught and continues to teach me. About myself. About the things I assume. What I take for granted. And what I never imagined WANTING to know. I suppose it is a LOT like living without television was. In the BEginning of that Journey.

There are days when I am struck by all I DO and realising that I didn’t even make an effort to DO all that I did. I truly used to BElieve I didn’t have enough time.

Enough. Ahhhhhhh… my word for 2013.

When I am NOT looking down at the pedals, when I am just sailing along, riding and pedaling for all I’m worth, Life is pretty darned remarkable. It is full and JOYous and so very Enough.

I may grumble some but really…

I love you, Currie

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