Thursday, October 31, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 29 October 2013

Embracing Life. Embracing Change. Embracing What Is. These are all possibilities Today. For me.

I canNOT say that this has been my Way BEfore. At least with any consistency. But Today. For Now. It is just this way. And that is something for which I am grateful.

It is funny how Expectation can often keep the lid on Possibility. If I had been running the circus of my move I would likely NOT have stayed [or left myself] open to the kindness of so many others. Others who don’t even know me. Who don’t even have any good reason to WANT to BE kind and generous toward me.

I’d never have agreed to a full 4 weeks without internet access and as long without all the aspects of my daily Life that depend upon internet accessibility. BUT… what a gift it is and has been.

Feeling missed. Feeling that my NOT BEing Here each day is noticed and wanted. That is a great gift. And even if I have only heard it a time or two, it fills something in me that needed filling. And I am grateful.

Knowing that Home Now is NOT what I expected but far BEyond what I could have imagined makes my heart sing. I am embracing all that I’m finding with gusto!!!

I love you, Currie

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