Monday, January 19, 2015

Currie's Gratitude 19 January 2015

He began to see the situation from another angle. An assignment had been given him. Someone’s life, a small set of lives had been placed in the palm of his hand. Maybe he would never have any more purpose than this: to accept the assignment gracefully, lovingly, and do the best he could with it.   [Anne Tyler, Morgan's Passing]

Angles. Perspectives. Points of view. It seems Life is always set in some relation to Time, Place, or Person[s]. And I seem always ready, set, GO to choose mine.

When I have the opportunity to reflect, to look backward as it were, I always see something I missed. Some way of seeing and BEing in my Life that is Past where I understand how wrong I was, how clearly I did NOT see from where I stood.

Even something just days in the Past can look this way. If I choose to SEE it, or mayBE look at it…

I liked to dwell on these shortcomings now. It wasn’t only that I was wondering why they had ever annoyed me. I was hoping they would annoy me still, so that I could stop missing her.   [Anne Tyler, The Beginner's Goodbye]

I’m daily surprised by those characteristics I’ve let annoy me about Mum. How in their place is only tenderness.

I love you, Currie


Carol said...

It is amazing in how more dear our loved ones become when we know our time with them is short. The the things that annoyed us so in past become so trivial and the things we held precious become even more so. We hold on tight to those memories and feelings knowing soon that this is all we will have. It's not an easy road but one we must all travel . Sending you huge bundles of LOVE & STRENGTH & PEACE.

Rita said...

Yes! It's all perspective. The view is different depending on where we stand. I remind myself to stand on the rock of love. Sometimes it is hard to climb up there, but the view is always clearer and brighter. :)