Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 26 August 2014

C. S. Lewis believed it was undemocratic to give too much power to the present generation or one’s own times. He called this “chronological snobbery,” as if your own age was the superior age and the final result of evolution. I would say the same about one’s present level of consciousness. Our narcissism always tends to think our own present stage of consciousness is the ultimate stage! People normally cannot understand anybody at higher stages (they look heretical or dangerous) and they look upon all in the earlier stages as superstitious, stupid, or naïve. We each think we are the proper reference point for all reality. G. K. Chesterton stated: “Tradition is democracy extended through time.” And I would say that enlightenment is the ability to include, honor, and make use of every level of consciousness—both in yourself and in others. To be honest, such humility and patience is rather rare, yet it is at the heart of the mystery of forgiveness, inclusivity, and compassion.   [Adapted from The Dean's Address, Living School Symposium, August 2013]

Some things I come across as I roam are so clearly just for me.

I’ve been grappling with some stuff that is far BEyond my present capacity to understand.

And I accept that I will get to understanding it very much better.

I love you, Currie


Carol said...

Love today's art!!!! Sending the power of love and healing your way today .

Rita said...

I saw the artwork and I have seen those dangle tangles somewhere before and just love them!

We will always be struggling to understand something. Should be, anyways. Because we will never know everything. The ones who keep struggling to comprehend...those are the curious ones...the humble ones who know they don't know everything. ;)