Monday, August 18, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 18 August 2014

I’ve wondered, if I knew that I knew I was trying to keep track, and NOT keeping track… what would I DO or change or would I DO or change anything?!   [Currie, August 2014]

It’s a bit odd to quote myself. But I wondered if I had ever really told you what one of my thoughtsandfeelings looks/ed like. To me.

I am BEginning to understand the vague phrase, Chemo-Brain. At least I think that is me trying to understand.

Seems to BE a preoccupation in me of late, my willingness, my preference toward playing fair. Toward accepting whatever is and whatever happens. Or does NOT happen.

Let the story live. MayBE tell bits of it. If living it through words feels like what I’ll choose to DO. Sometimes the words aren’t necessary or really even relevant. All of Life is what Life is. And is NOT.

The soul defines itself by expansion and inclusion—not by saying “no,” but by offering a kind of courageous, risky “yes”: “Yes, I am like everybody else, capable of the same good and the same bad…” 
When you allow the face of the other, the opinion of the other, the worldview of the other, to break through your barriers and boundaries, there is always a bit of fear…   [Richard Rohr]

A bit…

I love you, Currie


NatureFootstep said...

a great concept!

Carol said...

The art with this is really connected... the colors and words join together just right which is very fitting for the powerful message they have to tell. Sending love ... the greatest of all healers ♥

Rita said...

Beautiful art and thoughts. :) :)