Sunday, March 9, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 9 March 2014

It was one thing to make a mistake; it was another thing to keep making it. I knew what happened when you let yourself get close to someone, when you started to believe they loved you: you'd be disappointed. Depend on someone, and you might as well admit you're going to be crushed, because when you really needed them, they wouldn't be there. Either that, or you'd confide in them and you added to their problems. All you ever really had was yourself, and that sort of sucked if you were less than reliable. [Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care]

Earlier I was writing about learning to BE alone and how for me it has grown out of NOT BEing with another. I can BE very unforgiving of the time it took me to embrace living alone.

And that is a shame BEcause living alone has taught me all about trusting myself. Completely.

We are all mistaken sometimes; sometimes we do wrong things, things that have bad consequences. But it does not mean we are evil, or that we cannot be trusted ever afterward. [Alison Croggon]

I think failing to DO what I have wanted to DO has taught me the most about trusting. Myself.

Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do. [Benjamin Spock]

Quite so.

I love you, Currie


Carol said...

Although I do not live alone I have learned in the past few years that if I arrive at that position again I will be alright. It's a hard lesson to learn but once learned it is very comfortable.

Rita said...

Funny--even when I did live with someone I was always alone when anything happened and there was trauma or crisis to deal with. And I felt "alone" living with them--but I don't feel alone living by myself--LOL! ;)