Tuesday, April 7, 2015

7 April 2015

But love wasn't about sacrifice, and it wasn't about falling short of someone's expectations. By definition, love made you better than good enough; it redefined perfection to include your traits, instead of excluding them. All any of us wanted, really, was to know that we counted. That someone else's life would not have been as rich without us here.   [Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care]

My mind’s been wandering lately. Sometimes I wish it wouldn’t go where it goes, but mostly I try to trust it goes where it needs to go.

I like learning about how we each and all affect NOT only ourselves but also those in our lives and Worlds. Seeing these things more clearly Now is part of the package I suppose.

If I have gained anything over these months, it is the knowledge there is no starting over- only living with the mistakes you've made.   [Jodi Picoult, Perfect Match]

No greater truth than that. We play at DO-overs and bravely live with what we’re given, yet we seem to take far too long to understand that our mistakes, all the times we said “OOPS!” and even the times we sort of went to sleep in the middle of a great lesson were EXACTLY as they should BE.

It’s BEcoming easier. More natural and okay.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

I've never really had a do-over way of thinking. I carried the weight of every mistake, every embarrassment, every foolish or mean or insensitive thing I had ever done until it got so heavy I didn't think I could go on. I had to learn to forgive myself. Had to. I had to learn how to be better in the first place. Had to. Because I still carry all those things with me. But they don't weigh as much once you can forgive yourself. We are all imperfect and foolish and blind. Most arrogant of me to think I should be perfect. ;)