Sunday, April 5, 2015

5 April 2015

Ester asked why people are sad.
"That’s simple," says the old man. "They are the prisoners of their personal history. Everyone believes that the main aim in life is to follow a plan. They never ask if that plan is theirs or if it was created by another person. They accumulate experiences, memories, things, other people's ideas, and it is more than they can possibly cope with. And that is why they forget their dreams.”
   [Paulo Coelho, The Zahir]

This gives me pause. BEing a prisoner of one’s history… Don’t we all sometimes wake up in the middle of living our Life?! Wondering how we got HERE wherever HERE might BE at that particular moment?!

When you're young, you think everything you do is disposable. You move from now to now, crumpling time up in your hands, tossing it away. You're your own speeding car. You think you can get rid of things, and people too—leave them behind. You don't yet know about the habit they have, of coming back.
Time in dreams is frozen. You can never get away from where you've been.
  [Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin]

As I’ve sifted and sorted, readying my art to go into the World, I realise how much Time I’ve taken for granted, and little thought I’ve given it.

I love you, Currie


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It is really odd that most of us don't remember the majority of our days. Like our memory is a computer with a small hard drive and we have nowhere to store that many days. So we pick out the ones that are memorable to us...and then pick out the parts of that day that are particularly memorable to us and forget the rest of even that memorable day. And yet I wouldn't want to give up any one of those days. ;)