Thursday, June 28, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 28 June 2012

Write. See. Imagine. Ó2012 Currie Silver

Write. BEgin always by writing. Just WRITE.
See. Live to SEE Life as it is. As it is NOT. SEE.
Imagine. Ride through everything in possibility. IMAGINE.
Trust this.
I’ve done studies. Researched every nook and cranny.
Write. See. Imagine.

I’ve been having lots of fun taking each of these lines apart. I didn’t know that I’d ever even FIND a use for them when I wrote them several months back. I just thought they were the part of what I was DOing called “Write.” Getting all the noise out of my head onto the paper.

I am grateful for mixing and re-matching things I’ve written or made. I’ve often wondered, why bother writing this day in and day out?! Whatever is it but a sort of out-loud reflection on Life, mine in particular?!

Actually, that may indeed BE all that this is, yet how amazing it is when revisiting something to discover something I didn’t/couldn’t SEE BEfore.

Write. See. Imagine. It could BE a sort of premise for how I live. Sort of just add water and stir, or, more appropriate, add Right Now, fold Life all in together, and let rise.

I’ve grown simpler these last few years. On purpose?!!? In response!??! I find I REALLY like living this way…

I love you, Currie

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