Sunday, March 29, 2015

29 March 2015

For all it's problems and difficulties, life is mostly a wonderful experience, and it is up to each person to make the most of each day. I hope you are successful in your life, but look to the heavens and the earth and especially to other people to find your real wealth. Wherever I am, wherever you go, know that my love goes with you.   [Elizabeth Berg, Dream When You're Feeling Blue]

I agree. Now. Can’t say I did until really recently. I’d often fall back on the idea of This Now BEing a sort of rehearsal for The Real Now.

I’ve been “nesting” or some would say “sorting” mayBE even “clearing” my Life of the unnecessary. I have been preparing my art to give to hospice. For whatever they can and want to DO with it. It feels extraordinary, although it is much more of an energy “draining” thing than I’d imagined.

Wherever I am, wherever you go, know that my love goes with you…

Yes, this is what I want to say. Or what I hope “YOU” hear. This Now is all there ever is. It might NOT seem to make sense to you Now, you might feel quite the opposite or something even I canNOT imagine.

No matter what, know: my love goes with you…

I love you, Currie


Carol said...

♥ I'm sure that Hospice will find a good use for your Art. I save it all and go back to it regularly to reflect on it's lessons and meanings. Love will always be with you where ever your Spirit finds itself in the fast universe of just being. You will never be alone nor will we.

Rita said...

What a wonderful thing to donate your art--which is so warm and full of thought and wisdom.
My love goes with you, too. What greater gift can we ever give. Thanks, Currie! :)