Friday, March 13, 2015

13 March 2015

When it's new and important, you have to rest in between times. And anyway, even when I like a person there is a weariness that comes. I can be with someone and everything is fine and then all of a sudden it can wash over me like a sickness, that I need the quiet of my own self. I need to unload my head and look at what I've got in there so far. See it. Think what it means. I always need to come back to being alone for a while.   [Elizabeth Berg, Joy School]

The thing is, I need to “come back to BEing alone” for little and long whiles. I didn’t always understand this need. Didn’t even want to admit it to myself, much less anyone else.

Now the spaces of BEing alone feel different to me. It’s NOT about someone else or BEing with someone else. It’s about learning to BE myself with myself. Learning to listen and to share my own truths.

But it seemed to me that this was the way we all lived: full to the brim with gratitude and joy one day, wrecked on the rocks the next. Finding the balance between the two was the art and the salvation.   [Elizabeth Berg, The Year of Pleasures]

Life is a dance…

I love you, Currie


Rita said...

I have always needed my "alone time" ever since I can remember. It's like refueling time for my soul and I do not do well without it. I find I tend to skim along the surface of my days especially when I am too busy with other people. But even sometimes just busy with daily life duties when I am alone, to be honest. But being around people can often drain my energy. Probably why I have never liked crowds...not even crowded restaurants--LOL! I have never done well skimming for any length of time. My alone time is food for my soul. ;)

big mamabird said...

Ah, Currie! I have been thinking of you the past couple weeks, and just thought to check at MMSA and saw your note on the informal exchange page there...I am so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing, what a life changing event... and I am sure having you there for her was a great and soothing gift. It is a great work this departure from life, I have has some little experience and it's been profound! I send peaceful and healing thoughts your way, and the knowledge that the fact that you are still Here is a good thing for me!