Monday, July 7, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 7 July 2014

Life is too hard to maintain a constantly serious outlook. You have to laugh at yourself and the world now and thensee humor in undesirable circumstances, even harsh situationsor you will either rot from the inside or go stark-raving mad. Humor is power against the worst oppression. It lightens heavy burdens; it allows one to smile while in agony; it eases excruciating pains. In short, humor makes the intolerable tolerable.   [Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year]

I’m taking some Time away from Using My Words. I’m using my Time to Just BE Now. NOT for DOing any of the all-channels-all-cancer-all-the-time stuff that swallowed whole the months of April, May, and June. It’s been nice.

I forgot that I write for myself. For my sanity. For my company. I enJOY making words and making art BEcause when I am DOing those sorts of things I am inclined to laugh. To imagine. To play. To discover. And to smile.

I make no apologies for the Time I am enJOYing in My Life Right Now. It’s what I need, yet more than that it is what I WANT.

Time to BE. Time to DO Nothing. Time to think. Or NOT.

Laughter is the only medicine, without side effects.   [Shannon L. Alder]


I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

Good for you! And your dainty rooster made me chuckle. Love that last quote--so true! :)