Friday, July 25, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 25 July 2014

Don't be discouraged if people don't see your vision, your harvest. All they see from their perspective is that you're watering a whole lot of dirt. They don't SEE what seeds you've been planting with blood, sweat, tears and lack of sleep. Make sure you don't abandon or neglect it because "they" don't see it. You have to KNOW and believe for yourself. They don't see the roots and what's budding under the dirt. But it's okay, because it's NOT meant for them to see it. While you wait, MASTER it. You continue to do YOUR work and have unwavering faith! Remember why you started planting in the first place. Your harvest WILL come!   [Yvonne Pierre, The Day My Soul Cried: A Memoir]

It’s NOT so good to NEED others or even another to get it… get me. I am really only finding this out Now.

That is enough though. I don’t so much mind, NOT as I would have imagined at all.

There is a sort of peaceful acceptance in me Now. I seem to BE understood. Or mayBE it is that I realise my own understanding is really all I have ever sought…

So far chemo has been stealing my sleep. Taking away my appetite. NOT so bad, really, NOT bad at all.

Making this possible?!

I love you, Currie


Carol said...

LOVE the art today :) Finding Peace with ones self is a blessing unknown to most. I'm glad you have found that Peace. Thinking of you daily and sending you all the love and support I can.
If the Spirit is healed and the body not; All is still well.

Rita said...

I also love the wild colors and boldness of the art today. :)

When you find your own inner compass it will always point you to your true path. :)