Monday, July 28, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 28 July 2014

Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.   [Erol Ozan]

When a thing is true for me, well, it is. And that doesn’t always make sense, even though I think it should…

Getting lost feels pretty awful and I won’t tell you I’d seek it out, yet Every. Single. Time. that I have been lost I have come back stronger, even a little wiser. The past few days have been potentially lost, yet simply by embracing the “ick” of them, I am finding my path to BE really quite lovely.

Some journeys take you farther from where you come from, but closer to where you belong.   [Ron Franscell, The Sourtoe Cocktail Club: The Yukon Odyssey of a Father and Son in Search of a Mummified Human Toe ... and Everything Else]

Life is a funny thing, eh?! I have wondered at my zig-zagging these past 8 years, yet Now it looks utterly, completely exquisite. A perfect fit. Who would have guessed?!

My hand-stitched wings itch to take flight to test the winds of change that inevitably blow  at the end of a cycle.    [B.G. Bowers, Death and Life]

Cycles are curious. Somehow they don’t stand out until they are Past. BEhind me. Over even.

So I’m learning to NOT make up my mind. And to remain openhearted.

I love you, Currie


NatureFootstep said...

Hi Currie, Love that giraffe looking piece you created.

Do you know I now have 2 alternating art memes? NF Abstract and NF Digital Art Meme. Tomorrow is the latter one I call DAM for short. Would love to see you there. Optional theme Water.

Rita said...

It's so true. If you are lucky enough to live long enough you can look back and see the patterns and cycles of the years. Sometimes until you have the space to look back you just cannot see them when you're in them. ;)